Mahjong Scoring

Points are made according to the arrangement of the winning person'shand. More difficult to get hands are generally awarded more points. After determining the points scored, each player pays an amount equal to 2 to the power of the poing, 2p. In other words:

Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Payout 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512

Each player pays the payout, and the player who discarded the winning piece pays double . If the winning player made the draw himself (home-made, or self-made), then everybody pays double the pay-out.

By looking at the winning hand, find all the conditions that match below. For each condition, add to the score (except do not add ½ point hands to other).

a. Chicken. Nothing matches. Mixed chee and pong ½
b. All chee hand, plus a pair 1
c. All pong/kong hand, plus pair 3
d. Hand is all one suit, plus honor tiles (dragons or winds) 3
e. Hand is all one suit, clear 6
f. Pong/Kong of any dragon 1
g. Pong/Kong of prevailing wind 1
h. Pong/Kong of your seat* 1
i. Self-drawing 1
j. Self-drawing on the very last piece** 1
k. Self-drawing on the a Kong draw*** 1
l. Stealing the Kong 1

*Your seat is determined in relation to the dealer. The dealer's seat is East, to his right is South, across is West, and to the left is North. Also notice, that if your seat happens to be the prevailing wind, then you get 2 points, since your hand satisfies two conditions (G & H).
**Note that the player actually gets 2 points, 1 for this and 1 for I.
***if last draw on the Kong is the last piece left, then this worth 3 points, 1 each for I, J & K.


Hand Conditions Score
chicken hand A ½
all chee B 1
one dragon F 1
all pong C, F 4
one suit, plus dragon D, F 4
clear hand E 6
clear hand, all pong C, E 9

Certain special hands are worth the maximum in score. The maximum can be set in advance. The examples below assume 13 is the maximum. The special hands shall be discussed below.

  1. 13 scholars Hand - 13
  2. Big 4 winds Hand - 13
  3. Small 4 winds Hand - 12
  4. Big 3 Dragons Hand - 13
  5. Small 3 Dragons Hand - 12
  6. "Hand from Heaven" - dealer's starting hand is Mah-Jong - 13
  7. "Hand from Earth" - player wins on dealer's first discard - 13
  8. All suit Hand - 13


This consists of one of each wind, dragon, and one's and nine's of each suit, plus a matching piece.


The player must self draw all pieces for this hand, except the last piece may be taken from someone's discard. Also the 13 scholars Hand may steal the Kong, even a hidden Kong if someone declares a Mah-Jong and thus reveals this Kong.


The Big Four Wind Hand consists of Pong and/or Kongs of all 4 of the winds, plus any pair.

The Small Four Wind Hand consists of Pongs/Kongs of 3 of the winds, plus a pair of the 4th wind, plus a set (pong, Kong, or chee) of anything else.


The Big Three Dragons Hand consists of Pongs/Kongs of all 3 dragons, plus any other set, and any other pair.

The Small Three Dragons Hand consists of Pongs/Kongs of 2 dragons, a pair of the third dragon, and any two other sets.


The All Suit Hand is a clear hand of a suit, with 3 1's, 3 9's, one each of the 2's through 8's , and any other piece of the same suit.

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