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(authored or coauthored by Kevin Lacobie)

  • An Assessment of Potential Markets for Small Satellites (Center for Innovative Technology, Fairfax, VA: 1990) - co-author. This perhaps was the first public study of this exciting new technology. Much has happened with Small Satellites since then.
  • Space Economics (AIAA, Washington, D.C: 1992), coauthored Chapter 5.2, "Economics of Strategic Planning", with Joe Fuller, founder and president of Futron, Inc. We had a lot of fun collaborating on this paper.
  • National Information Infrastructure's NII Ease of Use white paper, presented many years ago (1993), when the Internet was on the verge of blastoff. The federal government was concerned about "universal access". I was a minor contributor to this conference and resulting white paper.
  • Companies and Products

    • Agorics, Inc., Los Altos, CA, 1994-2005 - co-founder
    • CANTV, Venezuela - consulting on Domino-based apps, such as Catalogo de Tarjetas (no longer exists)
    • Sampoerna, Indonesia - Notes consulting. Worked with HP on Sampoerna's network infrastructure issues as well, and especially enjoyed working with Mac McClusky, Koko Ityawamadi, and Dana Moentoro.
    • Domino Instant! Host - was development manager for releases 1.1 and 1.2
    • - at Nexgen Solutions, did some of the early design & development, in Domino. (no longer exists)
    • Volunteers in Technical Assistance (now called EnterpriseWorks/VITA), did some consulting work for them, providing economic justifications for the first VITASat small satellite. I'm very proud to see that these satellites are still flying!
    • UTMB School of Allied Health Sciences HISS - created an early (1986) version of HISS; but current version has, I suspect, none of my legacy!

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    Volunteer Activities

    • HAMUN, member of the Board of Governors of the Houston Area Model United Nations.

    Past Volunteer Activities

    • Board member, Ten Thousand Villages Houston
    • Board member, Weekley Family YMCA board of advisors

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